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1) I am determined (o) of my surgery What are the instructions before the operation?

• You must be at least one day before your surgery to consult you and give you the analytical indicated.

• You must wear the day of your surgery a companion preferably female and you must bring your IDs.

• You must discontinue birth control pills for at least two weeks before surgery.

• You must suspend both solid and liquid food the day before surgery from 9: 00 pm.

2) What should I keep nutrition recommendations before surgery?
You have to keep in good shape, exercising and eating healthy as salads, vegetables, fruits, liver, fish etc. It is recommended that you get a CBC before schedule the date of your intervention, to see what is your hemoglobin values. The values ​​required for different surgeries ranging from 12-13 points (depending on the surgery). If your level is too low you should seek treatment at the center which you prescribe. Another recommendation would be for you to take homemade beet juice with carrot and / or red pepper with guava this will help to raise hemoglobin levels.

3) What are the office hours?
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm at run time and is on a first come.

4) What tests should I have?
You must make a routine blood tests. You must make an electrocardiogram. You must make a chest radiograph. Note: All these analytical practiced in advanced plastic surgery center (CIPLA) * Depending on what yield the above results are subject to other tests prescribed by the specialist.

5) If I'm going to do a tummy tuck the local or general anesthesia would be?
Local anesthesia is called epirudal with prior sedation, and thus can not hurt and you will notice nothing to prevent post-quirurjica anxiety.

6) How to avoid gaining weight after the liposculpture?
During the first month you are allowed to eat everything, nutritious, healthy, balanced, after the first month you are advised to undergo a nutritional regimen with a specialist in the area.

7) Does the liposuction surgery is high risk?
No, as long as they meet the conditions as appropriate, laboratory results, chest and cardiovascular tests that are optimal and is not morbidity (illness) added, that is not unbalanced. Patients with diabetes, it is recommended that they are using their treatment and have the blood glucose levels within normal parameters.

8) Do I need a massage and I knew how I
? If they are needed. If you've practiced Abdominoplasty and / or Liposculpture you must give at least 10 massage sessions as soon as possible.

9) How long I can go back to the gym after I implants and a tummy tuck?
months after the gym but can be done in the implants should not do arm weights until after 6 months. And abdominoplasty patients can perform any exercise after a month of his surgery, but crunches alone after two years.

10) When are the stitches removed
? DSPU a tummy tuck, the stitches are removed only navel after 7-12 days.

11) How long should I use belt and / or Brazier?
Prefer to 3 months.

12) How many surgeries can make me the same day? Depends on the type of surgery Some examples might be: Liposculpture and mammoplasty (breast or implants) and Abdominoplasty Mammoplasty Rhinoplasty (nose job) and blepharoplasty (eyelids) Rhinoplasty and Abdominoplasty Blepharoplasty (eyelids) and Abdominoplasty ect. What is recommended is to have good haematic index (amount of blood) and the two surgeries are not very large.

13) When complete I can bathe after surgery?
From 7 to 14 days.

14) When I can have sex after my surgery?
At 30 days.

15) Does the injected fat moves?
No, provided they have any recommendations to the letter.

16) From which age can place one implant?
Implant placement is indicated once complete women's physical and psychologically mature to make the decision (usually around age 16, so it must have the approval of their parents).

17) What happens to the heart during and after pregnancy?
The implant is located behind the breast, so that changes occur in any pregnancy own breast, considering that it is a small breast. Breastfeeding can be carried out without any problems.

18) Can you increase the size of breasts with fat injections or other items to avoid the silicone?
If it can be possible but not recommended. In the case of fat injection calcifications occur in the breast that are confused with breast cancer on mammograms. Other substances such as paraffin frequently cause major complications.

19) With respect to sensitivity changes of the nipple, they can be permanent?
Yes, but what happens more often is that normal sensitivity recovered within 90 days of surgery. It is very rare for a patient completely lost nipple sensation.

20) In my case I want to show me off at a special event. How long before surgery should I get?
At least 30 days before to make sure that it is not going to be bruised and to have time to solve any complication.

21) Who is eligible to become a blepharoplasty?
Every man or woman with signs of aging around the eyes and these are likely to be corrected with surgery, there is no ideal age for operation but its effects are seen in older men and older women can sometimes be practiced in very young people who for reasons of inheritance have very thick eyelids without a crease or bags very prominent.

22) How long does the result of a face lift?
Is a question that has no answer, but depending on the type of operation, what their health status and their rate of aging results can remain stable for about five to ten years. It is one of the longest, and as the case may spend up to six hours, therefore it may require general anesthesia and an overnight hospital stay. In some patients, depending on the magnitude can be done with local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis.

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